thezombiepwnage (thezombiepwnage) wrote in jhewlett,

Oldish New Murdoc Picture

Oh god, how did I forget to post this? 

Back in January when Damon Albarn went on Radio 1 to premiere 3 new Gorillaz demos, a new Murdoc picture by Jamie was also premiered.

I think it kinda harkens back to Jamie's old ink and watercolor days. What do you guys think?
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i know parts of the story behinf this illustration.
original it was called "Test Card F" and was done by the BBC:
then around late 2008 a band called "Does It Offend You, Yeah?" used this image that can be also seen on their myspace page:

as far as i know it became a running gag amongst bands and as you can see, also the Gorillaz/ Jamie did one.
Yeah, I read about that myself on the message boards on Gorillaz-Unofficial. Radiohead's done one before as well.
cool, and where can i listen to the three demos?
wow! thanks for the links!
listening to the radio show at the moment hehe.

perhaps this time around theyll also do Murdocs side project of a Metal band. the few drawings of the fictive band members of his band looked really cool.
No problem.

Hm, that would be interesting. I dunno why they would though.
yeah, i guess that could be the problem. all is going so darn well ... why make things more difficult with more work by formating another band out of tons of other artists? ... sure that would also be my thinking if i had tons of work with Gorillaz.

still ... i hope it happens ... just for the love of hewletts art.
does anyone know what tools Hewlett uses to create the gorillaz characters apart from pen and paper?

Mr. Hewlett draws everything on paper with pencil. His old work was done by drawing in pencil then tracing a new copy in ink, then coloring with watercolor or markers or something.

During Phase 1 of Gorillaz, he did a pencil sketch first, then an ink version, then probably scanned them onto his computer and colored with Photoshop. (or had someone else do it) In Phase 2, he drew in pencil, scanned the pictures onto his computer, then darkened the lines and colored with Photoshop. As for this picture, I have no idea how he did it. But Murdoc was definitely put in the picture using Photoshop.

I suppose that's the information you were looking for, yes?